The Rollercoaster Project

The Rollercoaster Project is about improving youth access to bereavement support, and it’s being led by young people themselves.

What are we doing?

Let’s Talk About Loss have formed a Youth Board of 16-20 year olds from across the UK. All have all lost someone close to them and are passionate about supporting others in similar situations. There are a wide range of experiences but a lot in common. The group is going to see what bereavement support is out there and put together what is needed to best support other young people with the transition from child to adult services.

In this photo you can just a few of our amazing Youth Board members!

Listen to the Youth Board's podcast - Persevering

Our amazing young grievers have created a podcast all about their experiences. They hope that with their honesty and bravery, they’ll inspire other young grievers to talk openly about grief and loss.  

Why is it needed?

At age 18 many children’s grief groups end, and it’s a big jump to adult services. It’s also a unique time of change for most, with a lot of different life events happening in those teenage years. The Rollercoaster Project acknowledges the rollercoaster of emotions within grief, and we want to make sure that young people can find the right support, whatever their age. We also know how helpful it is to speak to others who get it, and hope that this project can equip young people with skills and experiences that help them on their own grief journey.

Meet Jess, our Project Lead

Jess has a range of experience setting up and running programmes for young people. When she’s not working for Let’s Talk About Loss, she leads a team at a London-based children’s charity. Jess is bringing young people from across the UK together to form the Youth Board and is very excited to see the difference they’re going to make. You can email Jess via

How we're paying for this project

This project, entitled The Rollercoaster Project, has been funded as part of the #iwill campaign, a collective effort involving over 900 partners from across the public, voluntary, education and business sectors with a vision to make meaningful social action part of life for 10- to 20-year olds, wherever they live and whatever their background. The principal funding partners are the National Lottery, DCMS and the Co-op Foundation.

Want to work with us on this project?

We’d love to hear from organisations currently supporting 16 – 20 year olds through grief. We’re adamant that we want to fill gaps and create new resources, rather than replicating existing amazing work. Get in touch with us to tell us more about the work your charity or organisation does, and we’d love to work with you.